A Sensory Ethnography Training

Online Course By Anna Harris

Mon 23 May – Tue 24 May 2022, 16:00-17:30

Organised by: Maastricht University

Ethnography is a form of intentional observation – a skill that many of you have already, even if you don’t identify as an ethnographer. The goal of this online course is to tap into your existing observational skills, and hone these for the purposes of the educational activities in the SenseSquared project. We will discuss the ethical aspects of doing this kind of research, explore techniques that are specific to the senses, and discover, together, ways of working together as a team.

If you feel like some preparation material for the event, you can read this paper on how sensory ethnographic methods can bring teams such as ours into a closer dialogue:

How to make an omelette: A sensory experiment in team ethnography

About Anna Harris

Anna Harris first worked as a doctor in Australia and the UK before learning anthropology and turning her ethnographic gaze to the medical profession. Missing the hands-on element of clinical practice in academia, her work endeavours to find creative and engaging practical methods for the study of questions regarding embodiment, learning, materiality and infrastructures of medical practice. 

Anna currently works with a great team of anthropologists and historians at Maastricht University on the European Research Council funded project Making Clinical Sense. Her most recent book is called ‘A Sensory Education’, and is available for free Open Access.

Order or read the book online HERE

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