Musica Impulse Centre

Musica inspires a conscious and daring approach to sound and music. Through education and artistic development we provide high-quality music participation for everyone, regardless of age, cultural or social background.

Companhia de Música Teatral

CMT creates relationships between art and education through research, creation and production. Our repertoire focuses on the importance of musical experience and the arts for social and human development.

House for Contemporary Culture
The Netherlands

Marres’ program focuses on the working of the senses and the language of the body. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of creatives to develop exhibitions, publications, and a wide range of education and participation activities.

Sisters Hope

Sisters Hope is a highly acclaimed international performance troupe of performers and creatives. Our work unfolds at the intersection of immersion, activism, research and pedagogy exploring a post-economical ‘Sensuous society’

Stavanger University

The University of Stavanger is a public, non-profit higher education institution situated on the south-east coast of Norway. The UiS works hard to develop interdisciplinary research and educational cooperation, with a strong focus on internationalisation.

Maastricht University
The Netherlands

Maastricht University is the Netherlands’ youngest and most international university. Our Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences is a leader in academic teaching and research on the cross-pollination between science & technology, and society & culture.

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