Free hEAR DROPS webinar

Organised by Musica Impulse Centre & Stavanger University

Participation is free

Save the date: 14 June 2023 15:00-16:30

Can an elementary school curriculum result in a more sensory musical interaction between students and teachers? Discover a different approach. hEAR DROPS is an online invitation to real life artistic processes between students and their teachers. The format brings out new perspectives on (music) education.

Register here until Monday 12 June.


Introduction to hEAR DROPS

Presentation by Hans Van Regenmortel, artistic coordinator at Musica Impulse Centre (BE)

Exploratory talk in music classes to encourage divergent thinking

Presentation and workshop by Vesna Živković, University of Belgrade, Teacher Education Faculty (RS)

Blooming Ditty & Cradle (of) Art: hEAR DROPS episodes with focus on the voice 

Presentation and workshop by Kirsten Halle, University of Stavanger (NO) ‘Teachers musical practice – The human voice’

Connecting with newborn babies is all about musicality. In these situations, we intuitively become musicians, knowing that the only language the baby understands is our communicative musicality.

How can we as educators enforce the teacher’s musical practice, so that they find themselves as musicians also in the classrooms?

In this workshop we will explore the voice and our innate musicality. Trying out different melodies and musical variations based on the pentatonic scale. Trying out various melodies and rhythmical patterns  based on creativity and play. Together we will discuss how these can be useful in your classrooms and how this can relate to your teaching practice.

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